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Find out what’s happening at St Anns and in the Harrow area, including new store openings and events for all the family, as well as local news and campaigns.

Delicious Redefined


Introducing Subway’s Submelts – an exciting burst of flavours with every bite! With premium meats, fresh veggies, and melty cheeses, it’s a taste sensation that will have you craving more. Subway’s Su

Gourmet Understatment


Experience a tantalizing fusion of British excellence and international flair with Burger King’s Smoky Chimichurri Angus! Sink your teeth into the succulent 150g Aberdeen Angus beef, perfectly grilled

The KFC Tower Range


Introducing KFC’s Tower Burger range – three flavors, endless deliciousness! Try the NEW BBQ Fillet Tower Burger, the fiery Zinger Supercharger Tower Burger, or the classic Fillet Tower Burger. Whiche